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Hot Bod: Alicia Marie

Meet Alicia Marie - Trainer, author and fighter.

Hot Bod: Alicia Marie



Height - 5'9''
Weight - 134 lbs.
Residence - Los Angeles, CA
Facebook -
Website -

Even as Alicia Marie takes a hiatus from figure competition, she’s hard at work on a dozen projects, including a fitness e-book series. Yet the former amateur boxer who lives her life in public—constantly posting on Twitter and Facebook—still has a few things to share that you probably don’t know.

Tell us something unique about yourself.
Alicia Marie: I’m 70 percent deaf in my left ear and about 30 percent deaf in my right from a 2005 boxing injury.

Have you used that for motivation?
Absolutely. It doesn’t hold me back at all. I’ve learned to read lips. I feel like a superhero. With or without hearing, I will still do and accomplish the things that I’ve planned.

What’s the best exercise people don’t do enough of?
Good mornings! Superset them with Romanian deadlifts. It hits your posterior chain like nothing else.

Three things you need in a guy. Go!
No narcissists. They’re all over L.A. Besides that, shoulders and a butt!