Prince Amukamara, Uncut

The New York Giants cornerback talks training, nutrition, sobriety, virginity, and that infamous cold tub incident.

Prince Amukamara, Uncut

You say you recently got engaged. What’s the lucky lady’s name, and have you guys set a date for the wedding?

Her name is Pilar Davis. We want to do it the week after the Super Bowl.

How did you guys meet?

We met in New York. We were out dancing. I was just drawn to her. It was right after the Green Bay Packer [playoff] game [in 2012] from my rookie year and I said, “I’m going out because this was a huge win.” I actually went out with Ahmad Bradshaw.  We went to this spot in the Meatpacking District called SL. She was standing by the counter. I said, “Are you waiting for someone?” And she said, “Yeah.”

So I didn’t know what else to say after that so I started walking away. But my teammates, Corey Webster and Aaron Ross, made me go back. They were like, “Go say something to her!” And they were cheering me on. She thought we were all rowdy and drunk and she didn’t pay us any attention. Then, later, I was waiting for Ahmad and she came by and we struck up a conversation. I asked her for her e-mail address because when someone asks for your number, it might be too personal and you might not want to give it. But if you ask for their e-mail address, they’ll give it. I was right.

Did she know you were an NFL player?

No. Usually I tell people if I meet them that I’m a construction worker. One time my friend said he was an astronaut and I said I was a manager at Gap. All I told her was, “I just moved here from Arizona and I’m just trying to live right now.” She’s from Sacramento, and if you remember at this time, we had to go to San Francisco to play them for the conference championship, so if I wanted her to visit me while I was out there, I’d have to tell her what I did. So two days later, I said “Hey, I play for the Giants.” She thought I meant San Francisco Giants. [Laughs] That’s when I thought she might be a keeper.

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