Five M&F-Approved Valentine's Day Activities

Training on your own is great, but behind every man is a great woman, and vice versa. Make sure they know that.

Five M&F-Approved Valentine's Day Activities

Cook a healthy meal together
"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” -Virginia Woolf. We can't really argue with that one. With that in mind, check out any of our healthy recipes that you can easily put together to impress the special lady in your life without straying from a healthy diet. Here are our favorite beef, chicken, turkey and shrimp recommendations. And if you're a confident guy and wear nothing but an apron while you cook, check out this back workout.  It will have your lats (and her eyes) bulging. Bon appetit!



Have a Fun Workout Together
Is the couple that works out together the one that stays together? The jury is still out on that one, but why not give it a go this year for Valentine's?  We're not talking about an abs annihilation workout or a leg press lunacy workout, but what about a partner ab workout to tone one of her favorite muscle groups or this metabolic conditioning circuit from the amazingly beautiful Zuzka Light.  If you like competition, then this workout just might decide who the fittest partner is!


Make a Fitness Commitment to Your Girl
Fitness and wellbeing are all about identifying your goals and getting your mind set on achieving them. This Valentine's Day, make a fitness commitment to your girl. If you work out regularly, then why don't you take on the Superman Program and really take your your fitness to the next level? Or, if you have never been to the gym or have not been in a while, why not commit to getting back into shape with our Ultimate Starter's Guide? You'll not only get the body you want, but you'll also show your lady that you can get it done.


Have Some Fun!
Why don't you take that special someone to the movies? But forget the period dramas or romantic comedies. Bruce Willis is dropping his latest Die Hard movie—A Good Day to Die Hardon February 14. Check out the trailer and yippee ki-yay, motherf**kers. If you can't get out, then make sure you keep her happy at home. Laughter always helps, and you know where a good sense of humor might get you. These clips might help lighten the V Day mood: NFL Lip Reading, Running Types: Are You One of These Guys? and Gym Types: Are You One of These Guys?


Pick Her up Something Nice
We know the economy's still tight right now, but if you have a few cents to throw together, then you might think of investing in something nice for your loved one. Our friends at MensFitness.com put together a nice guide that night give you a few tips. However, you don't have to be a millionaire to make a difference this Valentine's Day, and the most important thing you can spend on your loved one is time. Have a good night, do your thing right and everything else will take care of itself!