6 Ways to Break Up Your Routine This Summer

Add spice to your fitness regimen this summer with these fun outdoor adventures.


Photo credit: @findmeoutside

Summer is the perfect time to freshen up your workout by taking it outside, with activities like outdoor yoga, hiking, rock-climbing, and more. Grab a girlfriend and hit up a new class, workshop or an all-encompassing outdoor adventure like REI’s Outessa Summit to rediscover the joy of fitness. Outessa is a new weekend getaway created exclusively for women who love the outdoors with two more sessions left this year, in August and September. If you can’t make it to this outdoor weekend getaway, here are ideas on how to take your workout outside this season.



Take your practice to a new level with an outdoor yoga class. The view from down dog is much more exciting with the ocean or a scenic mountain range behind you (even your backyard will do for a change of scenery). Plus, a strong yoga practice compliments your weightlifting by promoting muscle flexibility, increasing range of motion, and relieving tension in connective tissue while working your core strength and improving you posture.



Require more from your core with a water sport, like stand up paddleboarding (SUP). It’s a low-impact, full-body workout for athletes at any level that can help you work on balance while building upper body and core strength. You don’t need an ocean to paddle if you live near a lake or river. Consider incorporating SUP experiences into your next vacation this summer.



There’s a peaceful mindlessness that takes place in nature that running on the treadmill just can’t give you. If you’re a marathoner, road warrior, or a treadmill junkie, trail running may be perfect for you. The soft resistance of a natural path is easier on the body than pavement and the winding unpredictably of a mountain trail challenges your body in new ways by increasing balance, strength and building endurance. Look for shoes that are labeled all-terrain or specifically for trail running to get the support you need when you take your run off the road.

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