4 Ways to Increase Intensity

Looking to take your workout to the next level? Try incorporating these strength-building strategies into your training.

woman lifting weights

Burn more calories and fat when you add these four elements to your strength-building routine:

Add a dropset:

On the last set of each exercise, reach muscle failure, then reduce the weight by 20–30% and continue repetitions until you reach failure again.

Use the rest-pause technique:

During the eccentric (flexed or down part) of each rep, hold position for two or three slow counts before exploding into the next part of the move.

Try supersets:

Pick any two exercises for the same muscle group and perform them back to back (i.e., Romanian deadlifts and hamstring curls, or triceps extensions and dips).

Perform “active rest:”

Instead of sitting around between sets, stretch the muscle group you’re working, hop on a bike for a fast minute, walk around the floor, or do one-minute planks.