The Ultimate At-Home Workout

Break out the bands and exercise ball when training at home is your only option. But beware: This routine may make you a home-gym convert.


It has always been my dream to have a fully stocked home gym. No rushing to get to the fitness center, no waiting for equipment, no stupid guys hitting on me. The only problem was expense: I mean, my home gym should resemble my go-to gym, right? I didn’t believe that affordable tools, such as bands and light bars, could help sculpt my body. But I was determined to have my own little gym.

So I made some space and confronted my fear that I couldn’t get a challenging workout at home. Using bodyweight exercises, an exercise ball and bands, I became a home-gym convert, and here’s why: Machines make you lazy. They support the body and allow you to exercise only one bodypart at a time. As a result, you cheat yourself out of the extra calories you’d burn and the muscles you’d work by exercising in free space. This allows you to engage the entire body to support the movement, leading to not only greater calorie expenditure but extra training for supporting musculature and a more integrated and functional workout.

Try this program for four weeks. I bet you find the convenience, economy and efficiency hard to ignore. You may even become a convert like me, or at the very least, you’ll have another workout option.