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The smoking-hot Latina IFBB is living proof that blondes don't have more fun.
Henry Cavill gets doused in full Man-of-Steel garb with co-star Amy Adams (Lois Lane).
Christine Stanley's spinning kick separates Katie Anita Runyan from her senses.
Life’s big wins go to the men who plan, persist, and push to the end.
Bianca Bree Van Damme strikes familiar pose before getting doused.
Looks like pirates loved to lift too! The Aussie is in shape to play Blackbeard the Pirate in "Pan."
The injured UFC light heavyweight champ and the legendary former undisputed heavyweight boxing champ "get it on."
Hafþór Björnsson, aka The Mountain, tops his continent in the strongman competition.
Dwayne Johnson takes an ice bath for a good cause thanks to Ronda Rousey.