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M&F Conundrum: Would You Take Advantage of an Opponent's Injury to Win?

This incident in a soccer match has many questioning if fair play should trump the desire for victory.

February 2013 |
M&F Conundrum: Would You Take Advantage of an Opponent's Injury to Win?

What to do? What to do? Whether you are a weekend warrior or a professional athlete, if you train hard in your sport and love competing, nothing beats the intensity of a real game with everything on the line.

But do you want to win at any cost? This incident at a professional soccer match in Peru this week has us questioning if compassion should come before the compulsion to win.

In this clip, the goalkeeper from Union, Juan Flores, collapses from heat exhaustion and lets the ball roll out of his grasp. As some confusion reigns, a defender tries to clear the ball, but striker Piero Alva from Cesar Vallejo sneaks up and taps the ball into the empty net.

Is Alva an opportunist who is doing the best for his team, or is he taking advantage of the misfortune of his opponent in the most unsportsmanlike fashion? According to the Guardian newspaper, when Alva was asked about his actions he said: “Football is for the living.”

What do you think, and what would you do?


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