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Terry Crews Stars in New Old Spice Ads

The M&F favorite rocks it out with his "son" in a new set of hilarious advertisements.

May 2013 |
Terry Crews Stars in New Old Spice Ads

Muscle & Fitness cover star and all-around awesome guy Terry Crews is back with another set of brilliant ads to promote Old Spice. Crews does not disappoint, and he brings his trademark manic energy and ripped physique to these surreal and hilarious commercials - not to mention, a very buff baby.

Crews is a busy man at the moment, with reports emerging that he has just signed up to star in a comedy with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore entitled Blended. He is also part of the cast for the new season of Arrested Development, which airs on Netflix.

The former NFL pro has always been talented, but in a recent interview with Fader, he revealed yet another line item to his impressive résumé: "I have a graphic novel I’m doing right now called Notorium, which is all about the music industry. It’s written, and I’m doing part of the illustrations but I have another guy, too. I’m into everything."

Props to our friends at Fader for doing a great interview, where the reporter asked Terry for some training advice. In the middle of his answer, Crews spoke of the gyms role in his own life, and it is something that many M&Fers can relate to:

"You’ve got to go to the gym just to get your mind together because it’s a relaxing time. It’s not, ‘Oh god, I hate the gym.’ It’s, ‘This is where I get my peace.’ That’s what it is for me. I get my best ideas on a treadmill. The exercise gets the fluids running through your brain and the greatest ideas come. That’s where I get in my zone: no kids, no bills, no projects. That’s my time. I come out and I’m ready."

Thanks Terry, for making us laugh one moment and for keeping it real the next. Make sure you check him out in the myriad projects he is working on in the coming months.

Here are two of the gut-busting commercials from the new Old Spice ads:

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