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Inspiration Station: Meet Marine Sgt. Luis Hernandez

Devastating injuries from an IED blast could not keep this man from becoming a bodybuidler.

November 2013 | Declan O'Kelly
Inspiration Station: Meet Marine Sgt. Luis Hernandez

With Veteran's Day passed, we have to remember that we should be honoring our troops every day. Reporter Jamie Ratliff and her colleagues and NBC Connecticut deserve a huge tip of the hat for covering this amazing story about Sgt. Louis Hernandez.

Ratliff teased the story on her Twitter account on Monday with this post:

Hernandez was told that after suffering devastating injuries in an IED explosion during a patrol in Afghanistan in April 2010 that his body would never be the same again. But as his mother says in the piece: "He's brave, he's amazing, and don't ever say no to him because he will prove you wrong." Check out his full story here:

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