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Moscow Train Station Exchanges Subway Ticket for 30 Squats

This novel, and active, method of payment is part of an effort to promote the Sochi Winter Olympics.

November 2013 | Declan O'Kelly
Moscow Train Station Exchanges Subway Ticket for 30 Squats

Is the world finally turning our way? In the olden days with the barter system, people used to swap non-monetary items in exchange for goods and services. Now, in a move that will suit all M&Fers down to the ground, the squat is, temporarily at least, an acceptable form of currency in one part of the world.

Now, we are not talking about a Carl Yngvar Christensen squat here, but to celebrate the upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia, one rail station in Moscow is giving free subway rides for customers who do 30 squats. Say what! Yep, bang out 30 squats in front of a specially installed machine at the station and you ride for free!

Ok, maybe we are getting ahead of ourselves, but can you imagine banging out 100 push-ups for a couple of movie tickets or 100 pull-ups for a copy of Muscle & Fitness (you know you've got to bring it to get a copy of our mag)? We can all dream. In the meantime, check out this report on the squats-for-subway ticket initiative in Moscow.

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