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Top Trainer Tips on How to Get and Stay Lean

Muscle & Fitness experts draw on their wealth of experience to advise you on how to hit this goal.

November 2013 |
Top Trainer Tips on How to Get and Stay Lean

Looking for a forum where real trainers address issues like fat-burning, nutrition tips and training strategies on how to banish fat from your body to reveal the lean muscle that your hard work in the gym deserves?

Well, look no further. Muscle & Fitness editors sat down with our friends at ConFITdent for a lean summit, where they drew up the right resolutions for you to help you achieve your fat loss goals.

Matt Tuthill, Jeremey DuVall, Nate Miyaki, Marc Perry, and Sean Hyson all brought their A-game to the table and wracked their brains to give you the advice you need to become a leaner you.

Head to ConFITdent and get the lowdown on Fat Loss: Expert Tips to Get Lean

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Muscle & Fitness' dedicated staff of trainers, nutritionists, writers, editors and fitness experts.

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