The 411 on Staying Hydrated

To train more effectively and hit your goals, drink up.

Everything You Should Know About Staying Hydrated

To surive and thrive, our bodies need water -- containing 45 to 75 percent, that's close to 10-12 gallons. It sounds like a lot, but two-thirds of water is held inside muscle tissue (intracellular) and one-third extracellular. Breaking down the numbers: blood is 83 percent water, lean muscle is 73 percent, body fat is around 25 percent, and bones are about 22 percent. The function of water is extremely important for bodybuilders and weightlifters -- maintaining body temperature and lubricating joints. Water is also held responsible for our body's delivery and waste removal, cushioning organs and tissue, and serving as a source of sweat. 

We can achieve 60 percent of our water needs from other fluid sources like fruit juices and milk. Another method in meeting water needs is through fruits and vegetables -- making up 30 percent. The remaining 10 percent is metabolized in our bodies as micronutrients. But how does the body lose water? The answer is simple: urination, defecation, breathing, and sweating -- 90 percent of that gets lost during a workout. It's important to note that sweat output can change depending on the environment, intensity and duration of the workout, and size of the individual.