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The Ultimate Starter’s Guide: Meal Plans

Map out exactly what and when to eat with our sample meal plans for beginners.

How to best plan your meals throughout the day depends partly on when you work out. The following four sample meal plans map out exactly what and when to eat based on your training schedule.

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For Those Training in the Evening (Around 6 P.M.)
Breakfast 1

½ cantaloupe

1 scoop whey protein

5g BCAAs

Breakfast 2

3 whole eggs

3 egg whites

2 cups cooked oatmeal

1 tbsp honey (add to oatmeal to sweeten)

Late Morning Snack

1 cup reduced-fat

Greek yogurt

½ scoop whey protein (your favorite flavor)

1 tsp honey

½ oz walnuts (7 halves), crushed

(Mix all ingredients in Greek yogurt and enjoy.)


5 oz can tuna (in water)

1 tbsp light mayonnaise

2 slices whole-wheat bread (or Ezekiel bread)

Midday Snack

3 sticks light mozzarella string cheese

1 large whole-wheat pita bread

1/4 cup hummus

(Slice pita into triangles and dip in hummus.)


1 large apple

1 scoop whey protein

5g BCAAs

1 dose creatine


1 scoop whey protein

2 cups low-fat milk

10 Wonka Pixy Stix

5g BCAAs

1 dose creatine


8 oz top sirloin steak

1 large sweet potato

2 cups mixed green salad

2 tbsp olive oil and vinegar-based dressing

Bedtime Snack

2 cups popcorn

1 cup low-fat cottage cheese

Daily Totals

3,333 calories

300g protein

335g carbs

85g fat