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5 Supplements for Optimum Health

Add these five supplements to your repertoire to achieve all-around heath and virility.


#2. Fish Oil

Fish oil has been shown to boost immune system and brain function, prevent muscle breakdown, enhance joint healing, and even encourage fat loss. But a flurry of recent news reports has called its ability to cut heart attack and stroke risk into question.  “Whether or not fish oil can cut your risk of death, heart attack, or stroke doesn’t mean fish oil doesn’t have cardiac benefits,” Torkos says. “ [It] can reduce triglycerides and inflammation in the body, and … there’s a preponderance of evidence that says there are still heart benefits.”

#3. Probiotics

Proper gut function is essential for digestion, absorbing nutrients, and building muscle. Probiotics, often referred to as “good” bacteria for its ability to promote digestive health and boost the body’s defense against colds and viruses, are supps that can minimize or counter the effects caused by the “bad” microorganisms that also reside in your intestines.

When choosing a probiotics supplement, Torkos prefers non-refrigerated varieties. “Stability can be impacted when it’s removed from the refrigerator,” she says. “When you take it out [of the fridge], open the bottle, remove a capsule, and then put the bottle back, the condensation and moisture it’s been exposed to can affect the activity and viability of the cultures.”

Another tip: Go with a human-strain. “Dairy strains aren’t part of our normal flora,” she notes.

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