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5 Supplements for Optimum Health

Add these five supplements to your repertoire to achieve all-around heath and virility.


#4. BioCell Collagen with Hyaluronic Acid

All the squats, hang cleans, and breakdancing you do can wreak havoc on your joints and connective tissue. Young bucks and fawns might not be feeling it now, but things change. “If you stay on top of it you can prevent significant cartilage damage,” Torkos advises.

Since it’s easier to play defense now than reverse the effects later, Torkos suggests a joint-support formula featuring BioCell Collagen with hyaluronic acid. “It’s a clinically-studied and patented formula that’s been shown to strengthen cartilage, lubricate joints, stimulate joint cells, and promote healthy connective tissue,“ she says. Glucosamine and chondroitin are two other viable supplement options for joint support, but according to Torkos,“they can take a long time to absorb.”

An added bonus of BioCell Collagen: It’s good for your skin. “The formula can minimize or reverse some of the aging effect from the sun, like wrinkles and depigmentation.”

#5. Tongkat Ali

Most of our jobs don’t involve exercise, which means we might require an energy boost to make our workouts count. Caffeine and green tea are acceptable options — the former being a natural nitric oxide (NO) booster and the latter containing epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) that can kick-start your metabolism—but ultra-sugary and caffeinated energy drinks like Monster and Red Bull should be used sparingly. “If you have an undiagnosed or underlying heart issue and you take something that cranks your heart [rate], it can be problematic. I’d recommend something safer on the system.”

She recommends Tenaga with Physta (a patented brand of the herb tongkat ali). “It’s a rainforest botanical that’s been used for centuries in Malaysia,” she says. “It was developed with MIT and the Malaysian government, with several studies showing that Physta, an ingredient in Tenaga, can support proper testosterone levels and cortisol levels.”

As guys age, testosterone levels dip. That can trigger a change in body composition (read: you might get fatter) and a loss in energy, muscle mass, and—perhaps worst of all—sexual virility. “Tenaga can help normalize hormone levels without affecting your heart rate or blood pressure,” she says. “It’ll provide energy without causing insomnia.” (Tenaga is specifically formulated for men, but there are products featuring tongkat ali for women.)