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Marc Megna's Rock Hard Supplement Regimen

If Marc Megna got a dollar for every time he's asked, "How did you get that body?" he'd make Fort Knox look like a piggy bank. The answer, of course, is hard training and a disciplined diet, but the right supplements taken at the right times are indisputably important, too. Here is Megna's own supplement regimen, which you can use to inform your decisions on how to supplement on the Rock Hard Challenge.


■ 1 scoop Nitro-Tech, 500mg vitamin C, 50mg zinc

Megna takes Nitro-Tech to stop muscle catabolism that begins during overnight “fasting.”


■ 1 scoop MuscleTech Nano Vapor, fruit punch flavor, mixed with ice water

Nano Vapor contains L-citrulline malate, which enhances pumps.


■ 2 scoops Amino Build

The optimal ratio of branchedchain amino acds helps Megna recover.