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Supplements for Muscle Growth and General Health

Dr. Jim tells you how to achieve both goals with the Optimum Muscle Stack

By Jim Stoppani, Ph.D.
Supplements for Muscle Growth and General Health

In today’s world, health is more of a priority than ever. Sure, building muscle is the goal of every self-respecting M&Fer, but this goes hand in hand with proper nutrition, supplementation, and the prevention of injuries and disease.

This approach is especially effective when you combine the right supplements to work synergistically to accomplish your goals. Consider using these four Optimum Nutrition products throughout the day to simultaneously aid muscle growth and promote general health.


The Optimum Muscle Stack - What’s in it?


Before and after workouts, you need fast-digesting whey protein to kick-start muscle protein synthesis, slow-digesting casein protein to blunt muscle breakdown, creatine for muscle growth, beta-alanine for muscular endurance, and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) for heightened muscle protein synthesis. Platinum Hydrobuilder provides these critical ingredients and more in every scoop.


While you sleep, muscle fibers break down muscle protein and convert amino acids into glucose to fuel your nervous system. Casein digests slowly to supply your body with amino acids to prevent this from occurring. The amino acids from casein that aren’t used for fuel help build up your muscle fibers, making Optimum’s casein the perfect bedtime supplement.


The Optimum Muscle Stack


Platinum Hydrobuilder (2.2 lbs)

Gold Standard 100% Casein (2 lbs)

Amino Chewables (100 ct)

Fish Oil (100 softgels)

Free gift: Platinum Hydrobuilder T-shirt