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Georges St-Pierre: The Saint of MMA

The prospect of defeat is what motivates UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre.


The Georges St-Pierre RushFit Workout

This workout can be done at home using just two-25 pound dumbbells.

WARMUP repeat circuit 3 times CIRCUIT 1 repeat circuit 3 times CIRCUIT 2 repeat circuit 3 times CIRCUIT 3 Repeat circuit 3 times
Standing Sprint x 30 sec Dumbbell Squat to Shoulder Press x 15 One-leg Pushup x 10 each side Shadow Box x 30 sec
High Knee x 30 sec. Bentover Dumbbell Wide Row x 15 Bentover Row x 10 each side Bentover Power Row (alternating arms) x 30 sec
Plank Burpee x 30 sec Walking Dumbbell Lunge x 16 Rest 45 sec Biceps Curl x 30 sec
Speed Push-up x 30 sec Rest 45 sec   Cool Down Repeat circuit 3 times
      Weighted Crunch x 20
      Floor Wiper (holding weight out for stabilization) x 20
      Bicycle Crunch x 50