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Dedicated Training for Massive Bis and Tris

Giving your arms their own training day will bring serious growth and dramatic changes to your bis and tris.
upper arm workout

Training gurus have long taught the bodybuilding masses the logic of working a smaller muscle group such as the biceps after a larger muscle group like back, or triceps after chest or shoulders. While that makes sense, if you'’ve ever tried that arm workout without preceding it with a larger muscle group, then you know how intense—and pumped—your arms can get when you train them alone.

So instead of slapping a few sets for bi's or tri's to the end of a back or chest routine, try this pair of intense, arm-swelling workouts for each muscle group that'’ll have you busting out of your shirtsleeves. You'’ll notice that each workout attacks your biceps and triceps from multiple angles, crucial for complete arm development and balance.

A couple of important points: Utilize good form, concentrate on feeling the muscles work and alternate the order of your workouts so biceps come first one week and triceps the next. Also, try not to train back, shoulders or chest either the day before or the day after you do this workout (instead, do legs or make it a rest day). Finally, to make the most of this routine, use a weight that corresponds with the designated rep range. The routines show no mercy and are riddled with intensity-boosting techniques that are sure to make your arms grow like never before!