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The Go Small to Get Big Arm Workout

Change the priorities of your arm-training moves to get bigger, stronger arms.
The Go Small, Get Big Arm Workout

Big exercises build big arms. You can isolate your biceps and triceps as often as you’d like with low-weight exercises like kickbacks and concentration curls, but it’s compound moves, using heavy loads, that will make your arms grow.

Take a look at the workout charts below. The first exercises you’ll see on each training day are relatively big arm movements like weighted bench dips, skull crushers, and barbell curls. The lighter stuff comes last, when your arms are too spent to do much more. Gaining mass and size is all about priorities, and if your objective is to build bigger arms, start with big moves and finish with smaller ones.


The Workout


Excercise Sets Reps Rest
Weighted Bench Dip 3-5 8-12 60-90 sec
Dumbbell Skull Crusher 3-4 8-12 45-60 sec
Cable Push-Down (Straight Bar) 3-4 10-15 45-60 sec


Excercise Sets Reps Rest
Barbell Curl 3-5 6-12 60-90 sec
Alternating Dumbbell Curl 3-4 8-12 45-60 sec
"Preacher-Less" Preacher Curl 3-4 10-15 30-45 sec