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Transform Your Triceps

This triceps workout is sure to bring the pain (not to mention muscle growth) to your upper arms.

By Jimmy Pena, MS, CSCS

These particular exercises are designed to deliver serious mass to your arms. Having been developed over time and perfected by some of the best bodybuilders ever, these moves will add thickness to your entire triceps musculature.

Triceps Overload

The first exercise is a 3-in-1 movement that will quickly produce monster results. It is, however, merely the start of a gruesome but effective triceps routine. Next up is the reverse-grip decline bench press, which allows you to overload your triceps with more weight. Two more traditional exercises round out the routine, but the rep ranges and weight loads keep your muscles guessing. On the dumbbell overhead extension, you'll start lighter (11 reps) and finish heavier (9 reps), whereas on the triceps pressdown or weighted dip (your choice), you'll start heavy (9 reps) and finish light (11 reps).

The volume in this routine is such that your tri's will experience sufficient overload to illicit growth. As for the rep schemes, a change in the number of reps means you'll need to either increase or decrease the weight you use; where the reps descend, the resistance will ascend, and vice versa.

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