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Arms Exercises

Arms Exercise Tips & Routines

Blast your bi’s and tri’s from end to end with these fiber-splitting methods.
Grow your guns one at a time with this classic isolation movement.
Back away from the pressdown station – these three moves can add serious mass in a hurry.
In 2004, Muscle & Fitness published a workout that shook up the bodybuilding it's back, and better than ever.
Most people cheat when training their biceps. Find out why and how it affects development.
Add some size to your biceps by focusing more on the smaller upper arm muscles.
Cure your biceps blunders with this heavy-duty dose of dumbbells.
Build bigger arms by bringing more muscle to bear on the weight being moved with these atypical arm-day selections.
If you want to build a bold, grainy set of forearms, it’s time to think outside the wrist curl.
Warning: Doing this program correcly may lead to severe sleeve-stretching.