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Check Out Victor Dukes' Amazing Dunk

This kid takes the ball, man and basket with this impressive leap.

January 2013 |
Check Out Victor Dukes' Amazing Dunk

It's time for your daily dose of athleticism. Today, we bring you high school ball payer Victor Dukes and his quite astonishing dunk.

Dukes was in action for Nettleton High out of Jonesboro, Ark., in the NEA Invitational High School Basketball Tournament when he decided to unleash the salmon within him and leap upstream to score an amazing dunk.

The unfortunate Manila High defender got a knee in the face for his troubles, but all is fair in love and dunking.

Nettleton High reportedly went on to win the game, and we are pretty sure that Dukes bagged the score of the tournament!

Check it out here:

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