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Get Into Sheamus Shape with the Celtic Warrior Workout

Here is the WWE star's workout. Erin go Bragh!

There might not be too much corned beef and cabbage in Sheamus' diet, but a prouder Irishman is hard to find. Among his many skills, Sheamus is a native Gaelic speaker, something that is increasingly rare among Irish people. Here is how the destroyer from Dublin whips his Irish core into tip top shape:

Like any WWE Superstar worthy of the name, Sheamus is armed with some unique super moves, and it takes a combination of power and agility to execute a Brogue Kick or a High Cross.

Rob MacIntyre, the WWE’s strength and conditioning consultant, designed the Celtic Warrior Workout to add posterior chain strength, build all-around explosive power and athleticism, and enhance muscle growth so that Sheamus doesn’t just perform like a warrior, but looks like one as well.

The Celtic Warrior Workout represents a four-week period of Sheamus’ training, divided into upper- and lower-body days. Under ideal conditions, Sheamus trains five times a week, hitting his lower body three times, his upper body twice, then reversing the split in the following week.

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However, Sheamus travels 280 days a year, and his workout time is often victim to flight delays. When he can’t predict his next trip to the gym, the massive Irishman has been known to blow through the whole workout as one murderous total-body affair. Until you’re in a similar situation, we recommend sticking with the split as is.

Set the weights as heavy as you can manage for the number of reps provided. Rest as needed where noted by an asterisk and as briefly as possible everywhere else.