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The M&F Man of Steel Workout

Just because you don't have Kryptonian genetics doesn’t mean you can’t get a Superman physique.

The M&F Man of Steel Workout
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Since 1938, Clark Kent has been disappearing into phone booths and reappearing a moment later as Superman, proudly wearing an “S” on his chest, ready to save the day. With his broad, boulder shoulders, tight waist (where his red trunks sat way, way too high), and perfectly parted hair, Superman was, and still is, the perfect superhero. But the question remains: How can you get a physique like his? Superman, after all, hails from another planet and didn’t have to toil away for years in pursuit of his perfect physique. He was simply born with it.

But just because you weren’t blessed with Kryptonian genetics doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the same out-of-this-world proportions as Superman. Henry Cavill, star of this summer’s Man of Steel, was able to do it. And while you may not have access to an elite trainer and personal chef as Cavill did, you do have a secret weapon just as powerful: this specially designed six-week Muscle & Fitness Man of Steel routine. It’s got everything you need to look like a hero, save for the sweat and determination—that you’ll need to provide. So, grab it and run, not to a phone booth, but to your nearest gym, to become a real-life Man of Steel!

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