Chest Exercises

Get Arnold Schwarzenegger's Chest

Take a good, hard look at your pecs, then use these Arnold-approved tips to improve them.

Get Arnold Schwarzenegger's Chest

People always seem to mention my chest when discussing my bodybuilding physique. You might say it was my best body part. You could also say that I’m something of an authority on the subject, considering how well-developed my pecs were.

As such, I’d like to discuss improving weak points in your chest. Problem is, many people think overall lack of size is their only weakness, when they should consider other aspects as well. Let’s address some typical pec shortcomings.


Outer Pecs

If your outer pecs aren’t fully developed, your chest will lack that crucial fullness for which I was famous. My favorite way to hit the outer chest was with dumbbell flyes performed to specifically target this area. First, lower the dumbbells as far as possible without risking injury - go for maximum stretch at the bottom. Then, when returning to the top, stop about three-quarters of the way up to focus all your effort on your outer pecs; coming up to where the dumbbells touch slightly disengages this area. Dips are great for hitting the outer pecs as well. Go as deep as possible and stop three-quarters of the way up.

Also, take as wide a grip as you can (outside of shoulder width) when doing barbell incline and flat-bench presses to target your outer chest. Again, lower the bar all the way to your chest, then stop three-quarters of the way up to the top.