Chest Exercises

Phil Heath's Chest Routine

How the two-time Mr. Olympia pumps up his chest workouts with FST-7.

Phil Heath's Chest Routine

The FST-7 sounds like a high-performance motor oil, and the unabbreviated version—“fascia stretch training seven”—does little to clarify it. Let’s break it down. “Fascia stretch” refers to pumping up a muscle and thus stretching out its fascia, the connective tissue that covers it. The “seven” refers to a target exercise’s number of sets. It’s the methodology of the world’s No. 1 bodybuilder, Mr. Olympia Phil Heath, developed by his trainer-nutritionist, Hany Rambod.

Heath performs most exercises in the typical manner: three to four sets for 8–12 reps, with one or two minutes of rest between sets. A body part’s final exercise is done for seven sets of 10–12 reps, with only 20–30 seconds of rest between sets. This sequence is like a dropset, with the crucial diference being rests that allow you to use substantial weight throughout.


Heath’s Chest Routine

FST-7 TIP Sheet

- For sevens, choose a bilateral isolation exercise such as leg extensions or laterals.
- Use the same weight and keep your reps at 10 or above.
- limit your rests to 20–30 seconds. n you can do more or fewer than seven sets if you feel the need.


Exercise				            Sets	Reps
Hammer Strength Incline Press                         4         8-12
Flat Bench Flye                                       4	        8-12
Machine Bench Press		                      3	        8-12
Incline Cable Flye		                      7	       10-12

Pec Order: Because Heath nearly tore his pec in ‘09, he now favors machines.

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Heath Career Highs

2005 NPC USA Championships winner
7 pro victories, including his [2006] debut
2011 and 2012 Mr. Olympia winner