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Legs Exercises

Legs Exercise Tips & Routines

Train your hamstrings without a glute-ham bench.
Panic and pain are the two most vivid memories of this thigh-busting workout from the world’s strongest bodybuilder.
Get more impressive calves with these five unexpected exercises.
If you’re front squatting, then you’re on your way to bigger quads. Here are five quick strategies to maximize your time under the bar.
Just in case thick, super-swept quads weren’t enough motivation, here are a few more reasons to perform this squat variation.
Add weighted side lunges to your routine for extraordinary power and size.
Build leg strength and size—even while dieting—with this advanced routine.
More isn't always better. Keep your volume in check in make sure you're getting results, not exhaustion.
Achieve lower body balance by going unilateral on leg day.
Now you can build your legs and posterior chain with this one exercise workout.