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Single-Leg Hip Raise with Foot on Step Video

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The single-leg hip raise with foot on step builds strength through the glutes and hamstrings. Performing the exercise on a box will allow for a deeper stretch in the bottom position of the movement.

Step-by-step instructions: 
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Lie flat on your back, placing one heel on top of the box, and raise the other leg until it forms a straight line from your heel to your hip.
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Drive your hips to the ceiling, keeping the extended leg elevated. You will now form a straight line from the heel of your extended leg to your shoulders. Pause and slowly lower the body back to the starting position.
Trainer's Tips: 
  1. Keep your foot underneath your knee throughout the exercise. Avoid having it out too far in front of you.
  2. Keep your heel firmly pressed into the step throughout the movement. The majority of force should come through your heel.
  3. Squeeze your glutes as hard as possible at the top of the movement.

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