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Shoulders Exercises

Shoulders Exercise Tips & Routines

Shelve your stagnant shoulder workouts for this full-blast routine that rotates emphasis on the three deltoid heads.
Big delts complete your physique–make yours a priority with this proven powerbuilding program
Do this high intensity, delt blasting workout to build muscle fast.
Get creative and up the intensity to build bigger delts.
Take a temporary break from free weights to torch your upper traps with the Smith machine.
Get your shoulders in peak shape with bodybuilding legend, Ric Drasin.
Tyler McPeak brings you day 4 of his Rise Above program. Train shoulders and triceps.
Keep your shoulders healthy and injury-free with the right mind-set and exercises.
Fix your delt routine for greater shoulder construction results.
The key to building and strengthening your delts is to treat your shoulders better.