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Get Crushed: Back Squat Brutality

A tough, one-off workout you can try when looking for the ultimate training challenge.

By Dan Trink, CSCS
Get Crushed: Back Squat Brutality

For this workout all you need is a squat rack, a barbell, some weights, a timer and the fortitude of a Special Forces soldier during Hell Week (okay, maybe it’s not quite that bad). Using a load that is approximately 60% of your 1RM, perform as many sets as possible of 8 reps of the Barbell Back Squat for 40 minutes. Your goal is to get at least one set in every 90 seconds (that’s NOT 90 seconds of rest in between sets, that’s one set plus rest all in 90 seconds). Of course, the goal is to do as many sets as possible but the 1-in-90 is your minimum. Think you’re more of a bad ass than that, shoot to start your set at the top of every minute.

Barbell Back Squat

8 reps x As Many Sets As Possible in 40 minutes

And while the goal is to GET CRUSHED, it’s not to BE STUPID. The back squat is a demanding exercise. If you aren’t a good squatter or your technique breaks down, stop the workout and return to your regular training next time you're in the gym.

Let us know how you did. Leave your total workout time and any thoughts you have on the workout in the comments section below.


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