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Symmetry In Motion: Biceps and Calves Supersets

Build bigger biceps and calves with these targeted superset moves.

Symmetry In Motion: Biceps and Calves Supersets

To create perfect symmetry it is suggested that your biceps and calves should be the same size. It therefore makes sense to train these two muscle groups together.

The superset workout below should help you on your way to getting both your biceps and calves looking bigger and fuller.

Superset No. 1

During each rep hold for 2 seconds at the top of the movement, 3 seconds to return to the starting position, and 2 seconds to the top of the movement (2:3:2). During the biceps curls ensure that you concentrate on the negative aspect of the movement so that you make the most of using the cables, by emphasising the negative aspect this will make the workout more difficult. As for your calves, point your toes inwards and outwards will ensure that you hit all aspects of the calf.

  • Cable Curl - Sets 1-3 x 15 reps (60 percent below your maximum lift) 
  • Leg Press - Sets 1-3 x 25 reps (toes pointed outwards maximum lift)
  • Cable Curl - Sets 4-6 x 12 reps (40 percent below your maximum lift)
  • Leg Press - Sets 4-6 x 25 reps (toes pointed inward)
  • Cable Curl - Sets 7-8 reps x 6-8 reps (maximum lift)
  • Leg Press - Sets 7-8 x 25 reps (toes shoulder width apart facing forward)