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Workout Routines

Workout Tips & Routines

Gain strength and size with this collection of heavy-duty movements.
Give this two-a-day training approach a try for fast, and massive gains.
Watch our professional demonstrate the moves in the first and second months of the Rock Hard Challenge.
You thought the first four weeks were hard? James Joseph Pulido demonstrates the moves in the higher intensity second half.
Keep your muscles guessing and growing with this complete training and nutrition regimen.
Tough to beat this routine for a fast, efficient fat burning workout.
Build your strength base by drastically increasing your number of sets on proven exercises.
Get the workouts that will get you the rock hard body you've always wanted.
We went down to the lab and constructed the ultimate bodybuilder from the best parts of past Sandow winners.
Forget crunches. Give these unique full-range-of-motion sit-ups a try for a rock hard midsection.