Workout Tips

3 Unique Uses for Monkey Bars

Turn a playground into a gym with three simple moves.

3 Unique Uses for Monkey Bars

A playground can do more than make you feel like a kid again. Find one with a set of monkey bars and you've got everything you need for a quick, effective workout. Pull-ups are just one move you can do. See below for some more creative options. Repeat for reps or time.

Hanging Knee-Ins

Hold your body parallel to the ground with knees fully extended. Draw your knees to your chest, then extend again.

Spread-Eagle Leg Raise

Spread your legs to form an inverted V, then raise them until parallel to the ground. Slowly return to the start.


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Lower yourself over the bars until your arms form a 90-degree angle, then press up until your elbows lock out.