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4 Secrets for More Strength

Keep these four training ideas in mind and you'll be pushing plenty more iron.

David Sandler, MS, CSCS



There are plenty of ways you can help your body along in the quest for more strength. Some adjustments are subtle and require little more than a change in hand position. Other changes could mean a full-program overhaul if you've been misled into using exercise balls by an ill-informed trainer. Use these four tips to weed out any roadblocks that are standing between you and lifting more weight.


1. Vary Your Stance or Hand Position

Although true research is sparse, both anatomical and biomechanical evidence supports the need for changing both hand and foot positions, as well as seat angles, on exercises throughout your training cycles. Also by creating these variations, support musculature (read: stabilizers) will improve as will your overall length and variety of muscle movement. More angles, more fibers, and longer ranges of motion, means greater strength. And one final thought; making simple adjustments adds tons of exercises to keep your workouts both challenging and stimulating, so it is less likely for you to overtrain and/or become bored.