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How Stepping Away From Your Desk Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

Diabetics can benefit immensely from recent discoveries by the American Diabetes Association.

How Stepping Away From Your Desk Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

We all know that sitting down all day in an office is inevitably unhealthy. You barely move from your seat and elect to instant message your co-workers instead of walking over to their desk and talking to them like an actual person. 

According to the New York Daily News, a recent study by the American Diabetes Association has discovered that “three minutes of walking or light exercise — like overhead arm stretches and squats — every 30 minutes lowered blood pressure and improved blood sugar for inactive, overweight/obese adults with type 2 diabetes.”

This might sound minimal, but at the end of the day this adds 48 minutes of exercise if you work an eight-hour day. Although this study is focused on diabetics, almost an hour of exercising while at the job compiled with any exercise done outside of the workplace is a great health benefit to everyone. 


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