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Workouts You've Never Tried

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Workout's You've Never Tried

We appreciate guys who value the gym as much as we do. You know, people who'd skip their wedding day before legs day. But, we're not oblivious to the fact that training intensity and enjoyment can nosedive when the gym feels stale. You can combat this feeling by 1) remaining in denial and powering through, 2) taking time off to recharge, or 3) willfully venturing outside of your comfort zone and daring to fail while trying something new.

We chose Option 3.

In our new series, Workouts You've Never Tried—presented by the makers of 5-hour ENERGY Protein ShotsM&F Deputy Editor Zack Zeigler explores the wide world of fitness in search of unique training challenges. From brutally intense MetCon classes and punishing MMA-style training sessions to sweat-inducing kettlebell programs and high-flying parkour routines, each episode will feature an unfamiliar training style that'll put Zack's strength, stamina, resolve, and ego through the ringer.

Workouts You've Never Tried Episode 1 Workout's You've Never Tried, Episode 2

What fitness feat will Zack take on next?
Check back soon for a new episode of WORKOUTS YOU'VE NEVER TRIED.

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