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Workout Tips

Workout Tips & Routines

In this episode, motivational coach Tom Terwilliger tells you how to find the best coach for you.
These three skinny leg myths are holding you back from getting tree trunk legs. Crush them now.
Get the most out of your training efforts by incorporating these practices into your post-workout regimen.
With the amount of stress you put them through, it's no wonder your rotator cuffs are angry.
Fitness expert James Grage explains the concept of the If It Fits Your Macros nutrition trend.
CrossFit Coach Bill Shockley tackles the proper technique for troublesome double unders.
Get the inside scoop on the worst deadlift mistakes, why they’re bad and exactly how to avoid them.
The heavier you lift, the better your form needs to be. Learn how to perfect it here.
Ask your questions on social media, get Adam's answers here (in more than 140 characters).
Are you really ready to move up in weight? Use these four tricks to learn how to command your top muscle-growing poundages.