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Workout Tips & Routines

Still stuck moving the same amount of weight? Any of these strength killers could be to blame.
While they don't get credit among the A-list exercises, these gems deserve being revisited.
Are these two mutually exclusive goals or can we train for a bit of both?
Anyone can kill it in the gym for a month or two. For long term success, you need more - and these are the keys.
If your trainer presents any of these signs, turn tail and run – they’re probably sabotaging your progress (and safety).
Finishing off your routine with moves that take you to the limit is the fast-track route to muscular growth.
Get off the merry-go-round of same old results with these plateau busting tips.
A little bit of agony means you're doing things right. How to push through the ceiling.
Learn how to build heavy slabs of strong muscle with these military-approved, pro powerlifting tips.
Avoid these critical form mistakes to build more muscle and prevent injuries.