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Workout Tips

Workout Tips & Routines

You can lift 1,000 pounds. Learn the best tips to become a member of strength’s exclusive club.
Follow a SMART path to accomplish all of these goals for a healthier, stronger, more muscular body.
Can't do your favorite exercise with your favorite equipment? Use dumbbells for even better gains.
Avoid these gym blunders when you’re trying to pack on the beef.
It ain’t just about striking a pose. Yoga can help boost power, keep you injury-free and help you build more muscle in the long run.
Follow the Lift Doctor's workout prescription for improving training performance and results.
In this episode, motivational coach Tom Terwilliger reveals how you can achieve your short and long term goals.
Whether you’re injured or just have less access to equipment or weight, occlusion training can help you keep or even add size.
Don’t have time for the treadmill after today’s weight workout? No worries. These covert strategies will have you torching bodyfat without adding time to your workout.
Ropes aren’t just for fighters. Learn the basics on this simple piece of equipment to start burning calories and building athleticism today.