Apple Gets Patent for Weightlifting Sensor

The USPTO granted Apple patent number 8,749,380, which is called "Shoe wear-out sensor, body-bar sensing system, unitless activity assessment and associated methods."

What this potential means is the the company is in the process of creating a system that passed information via a sensor of the athlete's performance and progress in the gym.

WHile the title would suggest that the patent is for a shoe sensor, Later in in the patent description, it even mention that the sensor could be part of a watch or a cell phone:

"In one embodiment, display 512 (shown in dotted outline) is part of a watch (or a MP3 player or a cell phone) that may be seen when worn or used by the user when performing exercises; and measurements determined by processor 504 are transmitted to the watch (or to the MP3 player or cell phone) for display upon display 512."

Do you think you would use a detachable sensor that you could clip on to weights and exercise machines to compile data on your progress?

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