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12 Things The Rock's Movies Taught Us About Fitness

We examined several of Dwayne Johnson’s cinematic endeavors to find out what he could teach us about staying rock solid.

dwayne johnson hercules interview

No. 9: Train With A Partner

Movie: Pain & Gain (2013)

According to the Society of Behavioral Medicine, working out with a partner can double your performance, especially in cardio training. Benefits include outside motivation, a trusted spotter, and fitter friends who won't steal your food.

No. 10: Be Confident

Movie: Walking Tall (2004)

When you're confident, you'll go harder and gym, which can also help add more of an ego. A recent study in Health Psychology confirmed that everything from body image to posture can be enhanced via an amped up workout. Just don't confuse confidence with cockiness -- only use the mirror to check your form. 

No. 11: Breathe

Movie: San Andreas (2015)

Learning to breathe properly during training sessions can increase fat burning, improve athletic performance, and provide your muscles with the right amount of oxygen. Experts recommend a 3:2 inhale-exhale ratio – a full three-count inhale, followed by a full two-count exhale – to clear the body of carbon dioxide.

No. 12: Concentrate

Movie: Be Cool (2005)

To hold down a form and technique, concentrate. Research shows that exercise can improve blood flow to the brain for about 10-40 minutes -- leading to an immediate boost in concentration and mental focus. 

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