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14-Year-Old Powerlifter Keeps Breaking Records

Jake Schellenschlager continues to impress the powerlifting world with incredible displays of strength.

Jake - 13-year-old powerlifter

M&F: What inspired you to start lifting?

JS: Every day, I would watch my dad work out in the basement. Eventually I got tired of watching, and decided I wanted to be the world's strongest kid— and the only way I would be able to do that was to start now. After a week, I started to see my abs and arms develop. I also cleaned up my diet and soon became stronger with bigger muscles. 

You've accomplished some amazing feats as a powerlifter. To what do you attribute your success?

I believe I have been successful thanks to my family's constant support. I also attribute my success to my dad, and my trainer Mike Sarni, who get me fully prepared for all competitions.

What's your typical diet each day? 

I eat bananas in the morning before school. I try to be healthy all day, but school doesn't have the healthiest meal choices. When I get home, I eat chicken breasts, salmon, and other fish for dinner.  When I get home from the gym, I drink a protein shake. 

Jake with trainer during row exercise

What's your next goal in this sport? 

I would like to be squatting 405 lbs by my 16th birthday, and to continue breaking world records.

What advice do you for someone who wants to take up the sport of powerlifitng?

I would say make sure your form is good because without good form it can cause serious injuries. 

Who are some pro powerlifters you look up to?

Ronnie Coleman was a bodybuilder, but he trained as a powerlifter so I really look up to him. Also, since I’m into bodybuilding as well as powerlifting, I look up to Arnold Schwarzenegger. To me Arnold was the best of all time.