Banker Turned Bikini Model: Sierra Merchant

We caught up with the brunette bombshell to discuss training, nutrition, and what a guy like you can do to land a girl like her.


What’s your favorite body part to train?

My legs and my glutes. They grow fast, and they make me feel more attractive, with nice curves. I’d rather not be a stick figure—I love having curves. I train six days a week with my boyfriend. He doesn’t do the same leg routine I do. [Laughs]

So, you don’t get hit on that much in the gym?

If I’m there by myself, I get hit on all the time. I get the “Oh, wow, where are you from?” or “I love seeing a girl lift.” I get that a lot. I lift fairly heavy, so they’re like, “Wow.” I’m in such a zone, but I still say, “Thanks.”

If you were single, what would you want in a guy?

Physically, I’d want him fit. That’s a huge thing for me. I don’t want a meathead, though—there are a lot of meathead guys out there who overdo it. I want somebody who has the same interests I do. As far as personality goes, he shouldn’t be cocky. Most girls are attracted to bad boys, and that’s horrible.