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M&F Iron Maiden: Lauren Abraham

This athlete stared death in the face, and death blinked

M&F Iron Maiden: Lauren Abraham

Lauren Abraham has more in common with Captain America, her favorite superhero, than you might think. Though she’s not a vigilante (at least that we know of), she did transform from regular girl to paragon of fitness and didn’t need any Super Soldier serum to do it. And no, maybe the Red Skull never tried to kill her, but she did suffer some horrific snowboarding injuries, undergoing 10 different surgeries that ultimately ended her competitive days. Not only did she come back to continue snowboarding, she took up a new sport—paddle boarding—and even went pro.

M&F:You say Captain America is your favorite superhero. Why him?

LA: That he had a warrior spirit even before he transformed. He knew what was inside of him and he just went for it 100%. And when everybody doubted him, he was the one who believed in himself. I think that’s kind of like what my life story is. I believed in myself the most when everybody doubted me, and I feel like I rise to the occasion.

M&F:And you are from the 1940s and were frozen until we unleashed you.

LA:Well, I did almost freeze to death in the back country of South Lake Tahoe, CA, a few years ago. That’s as close to death as I’ll ever be.