Post-Sex Pet Peeves from 18 Remarkably Candid Women

Avoid these blunders to keep her coming back for more.


4) Doubting His Performance

"It's a major turn off when he complains about his 'performance' after sex. It takes away from the experience we just had and makes him seem insecure." — Kelly, PA

5) The Post-Sex Instagram Scroll

"When my guy starts scrolling through instagram or Facebook immediately after sex it makes me feel like he's bored with me. I hate that! — Jessica, NJ

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6) When He asks If I Came

"Don't ask me after sex if I came. If you're not sure, the answer is no. It's a huge turnoff that you're totally clueless and it's awkward when I have to tell you that I didn't." — Sarah, CO

7) When He Doesn't Participate in the Panty Search

"I hate it when the guy doesn't help me find my clothes after sex. You took off my underwear, you should be helping me dig through the covers to find them. Don't just ogle me and watch me struggle." — Julie, TN 

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