Post-Sex Pet Peeves from 18 Remarkably Candid Women

Avoid these blunders to keep her coming back for more.


16) When He Only Thinks About Himself

“It’s really annoying when the guy gets up for a tissue or water after sex and doesn't offer to get me anything. I just worked my ass off to give you an amazing ride, the least you could do is be a good host. Just sayin’.” — Gina, DE

17) The Smirk n’ Lie

“I hate boys that finish before you do and lay on top of you with an annoying smirk as if they didn't mean to finish so fast. The best lovers are the selfless ones.” — Natalie, NJ

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18) When He’s a Selfish Boaster

“I hate it when a guy says ‘that was so great,’ solely speaking for himself. Don't be selfish in bed, guys—or, at least, don't rub in how wonderful your time was if you didn't return the favor.” — Megan, NJ