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30 Reasons I Have A Kick Ass Body

World class fitness model and bodybuilder Pauline Nordin reveals why she's in top shape. Are these things on your list?


Pauline Nordin

It's in the nature of us human beings to draw parallels between a result and what is being practiced currently, but when it comes to physiques you must look into what was being practiced for a long, long time to achieve that physique. Building a great body takes years of intense and specific training.

People tend to forget all the hard work and the nature of the work it takes to reach a high level of muscularity. Here’s how I was able to get there.  

1. From day 1 I started with weight training I lifted weights to get super strong. I didn't "tone", I didn't "pump". I knew I had to lift incredibly heavy and be able to master and control big weights, so I trained for it.

2. I kept a training log from day 1. I wrote down every set, every rep, every thought about each set.

3. My mantra was "if I don't manage this set doing x amount of reps I will lose all muscle and never grow new ones". I was serious about it.

4. My workouts were BUSINESS. I was not playing around. I had a mission and a goal. Nothing was going to stop me from it.

5. I ate 6-8 meals - day in and day out. I never missed one.

6. I never did cardio during the same workout as weights.

7. My workouts were based on compound movements and free weights. The only machines I used for weight training were leg press, leg curl. (BTW, cable stations are not machines)

8. I used nutrient timing. I had a tiny amount of carbs and protein right before my weight sessions and the same after my workouts.

9. I psyched myself up before each workout to make sure I was in the right mindset.

10. I planned my workouts and knew exactly what I was going to do every time I was in there. I compared results from previous workout to the one I was about to do. Damn me if I didn't do better.

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