After Shock: Brian Casad’s Amazing Transformation

Cover model Brian Casad took an average physique and made it extraordinary, one meal and one workout at a time.


Casad’s Nutrition Keys

No. 1: Check Labels

“I always check the back label. There are three things I look at: fat, sugar, and sodium content because most things have either a ton of sodium or a ton of sugar. And I actually like a little more fat in my food. Fat’s good—it’s an energy source.”

No. 2: Eat In

“I don’t go 
to restaurants much anymore. I like to keep on a lean menu, but at the same time I’m not going to tell myself I can’t have something. I can have any food
 I want. It’s all about moderation. I allow myself to cheat, just with small portions.”

No. 3: Stick with Whole Foods

“I’ve never counted calories, but I can tell 
if I eat too much. I just know what healthy foods are and what unhealthy foods are. I eat a lot of chicken, whole eggs, lean steak, spinach, almond milk, avocados, and sweet potatoes.”

Add Variety

“I don’t eat the same things every day, like some people do. I eat different things all the time. I hate schedules. I don’t like getting up every single day and doing a nine-to-five job, and it’s the same thing with my diet. I like to mix in a variety of foods.”

Find What Works for You

“I don’t eat five times 
a day like I used to. I eat maybe two or three times. It works perfectly for me. All these people think they need to eat five or six times a day. If I do two meals, I can eat a lot at one of those meals.”

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